The pump is in vertical design located below/alongside the drowning vessel and is fitted with a unique mechanical seal system that outsmarts the sealing arrangement of a conventional horizontal centrifugal pump. The current version of the pump has evolved after extensive usage and after taking into consideration the suggestions of a host of plant personnel from the user industry .


This unique design caters to the initial fast-filling requirement of the filtration process while ensuring automatic gradual reduction of the flow rate towards the end of filtration cycle. Unlike a horizontal pump, this vertical pump is not amenable to any damage at the end of filtration as the excess flow is fed back to the suction stream through the overflow port which acts as an in-built bye-pass system.
The mechanical seal is under slight vacuum when the pump is in operation; this action keeps the solids-entrained fluid away from the seal faces thus increasing seal life. Even during seal failure, the pump does not suffer from any breakdown problem as the corrosive fluid does not spill out allowing filtration operation to continue unhindered.