Vertical Glandless pumps are best suited for any recirculation application (scrubbers for flue gas desulphurisation, Tail Gas treatment, toxic gas removal; acid recirculation in pickling lines, anodizing & electroplating units, fine slurry spray systems etc). These are also ideal for lifting raw chemical effluents (any pH & with solid particles) from the pits (priming pot eliminates the need for a problematic foot-valve system).
  1. Keep environment clean by scrubbing almost any gas.
  2. No mechanical seal or gland packing.
  3. Leak-proof pumping of corrosive & abrasive fluids acids, alkalies, effluents, solvents.
  4. Continuous running with no maintenance hassles.
  5. Dry Running? No Problem!
  6. Mounted outside suction tank - Easy to handle.
    We offer the pump with priming pot arrangement instead of foot-valve. Such applications are being successfully operated at several plants. Thus what you achieve is leakless pumping with no maintenance headaches associated with foot-valves. The unique design of the pump with priming tank offers following unmatched advantages over a vertical submersible or horizontal centrifugal pump:
  1. Outside mounting makes the pump easily accessible for operation and maintenance. There is thus no need to dismantle the whole system when a part has to be replaced or any other minor maintenance job is to be carried out. Positive suction so provided renders the pumps useful in lifting liquids from 5M depths.
  2. Current Range: Capacity to 600 M3/H, Head to 80 M.