Pumps are made generally to DIN 24256 in back-out design. All wetted parts (volute casing, back cover, impeller) are pressure-cast to shape in solid sturdy construction in UHMWPE - the toughest polymer exhibiting superior properties such as:
  1. Widest chemical resistance- nearly all chemicals (acids, alkali, salts, reagents etc.)
  2. Withstand higher temperature - 90oC. Toughest at sub-zero!
  3. Highest abrasion resistance of all polymer materials - matching exotic alloys!
  4. Exceptional impact strength - pump parts don't crack!
    Impeller is semi-open type with metal bush moulded insitu, which does not dissociate from polymer due to the thrust and torsional loads of its motion. Pressure casting of uhmwpe parts of the pumps in special moulds ensures interchangeability and standardization, results in regular smooth contours of volute and impeller vanes. There are no threaded or welded joints in the wetted parts.

    Shaft sealing is provided through suitable mechanical seals of reputed make, some especially designed for our pumps to suit corrosive & abrasive fluids. Shaft sleeve is made from compatible materials such as Hastelloy, Alloy-20, SS-316, Ceramic etc.

Pump capacities cover flow up to 600M3/H, heads up to 80 M.