A wide range of pump designs such as Horizontal back pull-out, Vertical GLANDLESS particularly with the double bearing housing & coupling and Vertical with Mechanical Seal (unique in its design and performance) are successfully handling widest range of corrosive and abrasive fluids. Today we manufacture largest size pumps in UHMWPE covering flows to 600M3/H. Still bigger pumps can also be developed.

We have in-house moulding facility and expertise for compression moulding of pump parts (volute casing, impeller with metallic bush) to shape in UHMWPE.

Application Examples

  • Scrubbing tower re-circulating pumps for toxic gases -- (flue gas desulphurization plants --Tail Gas Treatment Plants etc) .
  • Spraying systems for metal polishing.
  • Circulating pumps in electroplating, anodising industries.
  • Circulating pumps for Ferric Oxide attritors in semi-conductor industry.
  • Reaction vessel circulation.
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical processes
  • Chemical & agro-chemical engineering.
  • Transfer & loading of chemical products.
  • Filter-press feed pumps for dyes, diatomaceous earth & other solids.
  • Pumps for Acid Re-Circulation in Pickling Lines (HCl, H2SO4 & HF).
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